About Us

Understanding that each idea needs to be nourished, encouraged and supported in order to develop and succeed, the Incubator for Developing Entrepreneurial Activity (IDEA) Center was born. In October 2015 the IDEA Center officially became a program of Center for Technology & Business (CTB) and continues to operate under CTB’s umbrella of programming.

Committed to a two-pronged approach of creating economic growth and developing students or life-long learners, the IDEA Center possesses a unique style of moving ideas along the path to commercialization.

There are several ways that you can get involved:
If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with our team, call us at 701-223-0707 to schedule a free and confidential appointment.

If you share our passion for helping entrepreneurs start their businesses, we encourage you to contribute by volunteering, mentoring, or donating. Collectively we’re one small way to make a big difference.

Every great business starts with an idea and is backed by a talented team of experts and employees. The IDEA Center is where it all comes together.


Our mission is to serve as a supportive community to nurture ideas into reality and stimulate sustainable economic growth by connecting businesses, students, and the resources necessary to hatch entrepreneurial activity.


Our vision is to become nationally recognized as a destination for launching entrepreneurship and stimulating the economy through innovation.


Determination – We’re committed to producing results
Innovation – Creativity is a driving force
Acceptance – Individuality is respected
Confidentiality – All information is maintained in a secure environment
Integrity – Honesty, respect, and accountability are the foundation of our character
Quality – We hold ourselves to a the highest of standards
Teamwork – We foster an environment of support
Flexibility – We adapt to the needs of our clients