Access to Funding for Entrepreneurs

The process of acquiring funding for a start-up can be challenging and requires multiple, well-thought out strategies. The IDEA Center’s team and network provides access to resources and information to best plan for funding needs in order to launch and sustain.

We often refer to funding as a recipe. Entrepreneur’s don’t typically pull all their start up capital from one source. Typically there is a mix of friends, family, fools, loans, investment funds and government programs. We are here to help you sort through all the different strategies you may need to consider. No two entrepreneurial venture funding needs are the same, so we are the resource you need to help explore various funding channels available.

We provide assistance with:

-Venture Capital Preparation

-Loan Preparation

-Grant Application

-Navigating Government Programs

-Our favorite: Sales and Cash Flow

If you are trying to wrap your mind around your company’s cash flow, let us know.  We can discuss this through our needs analysis and see where we can help. Schedule a meeting now.

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