Bookkeeping Services for Entrepreneurs

The bookkeeping shared service is designed to accommodate the typical start up entrepreneur that carries a “shoebox” with them to hold all of their receipts. Working closely with your CPA of choice, this service literally takes the shoebox and establishes the base financial systems for the company.   Through this process you receive documented procedures that help to explain your way of handling the transaction flows in and out of the business.

The documentation is leveraged as training material for your business for the way you want things handled within your company.  Good habits and patterns are established early on so that you may focus on growing your business.

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“When we started working with the IDEA Center on our accounting, we practically walked in with a shoe box full of receipts from the past year and cried HELP!…and that is exactly what they did! Not only did they organize everything, they helped identify critical areas were we were bleeding cash and showed us how to fix them!

Scott Wild

Wild Inspire Inc.

With running 100 miles an hour getting my business launched the paperwork was really getting away from me. When I started working with the IDEA Center one of the first problems they identified in my paperwork resulted in a $7,000 savings that I was then able to reinvest back into my business.

Joby Seagren

SmartHome Solutions