At the IDEA Center we offer services that cater to early-stage start-ups as well as businesses looking to grow and expand. Due to each business’s unique needs, the programs and services we offer are designed to build upon the stones you have put in place and fill in the gaps where you need assistance. There are times when a few stones need to be moved to provide a better foundation and we do that side-by-side with the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a team effort. In all services offered at the IDEA Center coaching is a critical part of the process. This allows people to think out loud, voice their concerns and create in a safe environment. This inspiration and motivation, and ultimately accelerates entrepreneurial development and business growth. Through this collaborative process, we become part of the client’s team and develop a level of trust that provides confidence to face market challenges.

Check out our process, resources, and meet our team at Center for Technology & Business. When you’re ready, call 701-223-0707 to get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to get started!

Services for Entrepreneurs

Working closely with your CPA of choice, this service literally takes the shoebox and establishes the base financial systems for the company. 
Marketing FacilitationMarketing Facilitation
The Marketing Facilitation service solves the problem that small start up entrepreneurial teams have in that they often have exhausted all of their own ideas on how to get the message across about their product or service. 
Conference RoomsOffice/Conference Room Space
The IDEA Center offers flexible, segregated office space to accommodate growing entrepreneurial businesses.
Strategic PlanningFacilitation/Strategic Planning
The importance of strategic thinking and planning is vital to the success rates of start-ups.
FundingAccess to Funding
The IDEA Center team and network provides access to resources and information to best plan for funding needs in order to launch and sustain.