Marketing Facilitation for Entrepreneurs

The Marketing Facilitation service solves the problem that small start up entrepreneurial teams have in that they often have exhausted all of their own ideas on how to get the message across about their product or service.  When you engage the marketing facilitation service the IDEA Center staff actively participates in helping you set strategic marketing direction.  Partners have welcomed assistance in designing and generating content for the website,  graphic and logo design, trade show materials, or marketing plans.  We understand how to get results with limited resources.  You begin to lean on us as part of your internal marketing team.  We have a lot of opinions and we are not shy about sharing them with you.  This open collaboration helps you avoid expensive pitfalls that keep your company from getting the marketing message to the right people at the right time with the right materials. Contact Us for more information.

“I wanted a marketing information that related to my customers and still conveyed our technical competencies.  The team at the Center helped me develop information and descriptions that people seeking my service would understand.”  – Aaron Smith, Equinox
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