Our Process

Do either of the scenarios sound like you?
(A) You have an idea or want to start a business, but don’t know exactly where to start.
(B) You currently have a business, but want to grow it or stream line and improve your systems.
No two entrepreneurs need exactly the same thing. Our process is based on your specific needs.
The segments below may represent one or more of your needs. Start to identify which apply to you and get help by calling 701-223-0707 to schedule a free and confidential appointment.

Process Wheel

The product or service is in the marketplace and thriving. All of the activities listed are to help entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas and grow their business.
Assisting in developing good habits and patterns that define transactions of the business.  This service is essential to proper cash flow management.
The set-up and analysis of the financial preparation and outlook for how the company will grow and how the company performs to current goals.  It also tracks what is needed to operate and expand and the corrective measures of what is needed to recover. 
The design of how things will be done and by whom in the organization.  This service links together many partners, talented individuals and resources of all kinds to produce a comprehensive plan on how the business will operate.  This service evolves as the client's business grows.
Define your go-to market strategy. Identify how to get your product or service noticed and the associated costs.  Marketing resources to help develop your branding and sales strategy.
Assistance with the connections to get your product licensed in a particular industry.  This includes the evaluation of the product's best interest whether it’s a manufacturing or licensing partner.
Checklists of must haves when starting a business coupled with industry and product specific needs making sure the solutions are protected and safeguarded. 
Encouragement – Coaching - Accountability
Sales Funnel Management
Set up and track your customer and partner relationships formed within a business.  This also develops the steps to help close agreements.
Assistance in the preparation of the financial needs and asks for the business opportunity.  This may come in the form of a loan, program partner or a grant.
Assistance with connecting the right individuals with the right skills and equipment that will be used to prototype and manufacture your product.
Government Regulations
Assistance with industry research and connect to resources for regulations that you need to account for to launch your business or product.
Document the procedures within the company for efficiency.  This is often used as the company’s user guide or new employee manual.
Continuous education. Many resources are offered to train the entrepreneur on how to effectively run their business across all areas.
Hands-on experience is available to learn many areas of business and across multiple industries. Interns gain skills in areas they want to develop and receive immediate feedback along the way.
Workforce Development
Professionals looking for other career opportunities. Project based opportunity to beef up your resume and gain new skills as well as networking opportunities.
Assistance with determining what technology is needed for the business.  This is often a combination of off the shelf systems or custom built.
Plan and develop the channels to deliver your product to customers. This also involves strategies on pricing and working with sales channels.
Encouragement – Advice – Support
Assistance with preparing for venture capital investment into the company.  Help to determine the proper company set up, how to make “the ask” and pitch to investors.