The IDEA Center is implementing programs that are designed to address deficiencies identified by small business start-ups. The programs provide educational content and hands on support for start-up businesses moving along the commercialization path at a more rapid rate.

Organize the foundation of your business: Not only things you need to know but support in getting it done. This program offers a necessary and practical component of organizing the foundational components of the business. The content is designed to position the business for growth and will help the entrepreneur evaluate and improve their current position in the following areas bookkeeping, corporation setup, IP concerns, Manufacturing, staffing and operational planning.

Outreach ND: Designed with the boom in mind. Outreach ND will help to introduce sustainable planning and efficiencies leveraging a network of resources, connecting relationships in other parts of the state that are not as strained. Entrepreneurs located in targeted areas are heads down focused on providing products and services to respond to the demand. For sustainable growth to occur in these areas strategic direction and simple roll up your sleeves support is needed. A day away from the office for these business owners may mean closing the doors for the day as they struggle with an already strained workforce. Outreach ND allows the IDEA Center to go to the business perform needs analysis and get to work developing strategies that address the pain points.

Managing what you say, how you say it and how to get it said: For many reasons businesses are trending with investing their marketing dollars in more affordable web presences and social media. One of the largest challenges entrepreneurs face is once the web presence exists they must keep the content fresh to maintain competitiveness in search engine results like Google. The role in the business does not fall on any one particular person for all areas of the business needs to be marketing and promoted by simply discussing them and writing articles online. Managing what you say, how you say it and how to get it said tackles the entrepreneur’s fears of getting started, developing schedule article releases and provide resources for assisting in content development and proofing.

Here Ye Here Ye: Helping entrepreneurs gain access to specialized resources. Through a series of educational sessions the program focuses on knowledge and expertise not readily available to our ND entrepreneurs. The program pulls on industry experts in fields applying to areas such as medical devices, technology development, licensing, agriculture application and manufacturing. As well as what to do with the widget everyone wished they thought of.

Melt Away: A Melting Pot of seasoned and unseasoned Entrepreneurs and Inventors. Vibrant start-up communities foster a culture of idea sharing and collaboration amongst like-minded risk-takers. Melt Away provides the basis for this community gathering where ideas are flushed, partnerships formed and funding uncovered. Melt Away is where innovation meets opportunity. Walla Business creation!